Gumani Logistics

Tel: 081 4419444


About Gumani Logistics:


Services offered:
Gumani Logistics has set out a variety of Service Level with the aim of servicing our customers in a Safe, Simple and faster way. This service Level are treated in accordance as per your instruction, you simply choose the best Service Level you would like to use:

Express Sunrise (SUN)
Express Overnight (ONX)
Express Same Day (SMD)
Express Saturday/Holiday (ESH)
Economy (ECO)
Service Packages
Collection Booking: are proud to offer you services that save you time and money. Immediately you submit your Parcel Collection on the Customer portal, our driver will be having the Shipper information, Collection address and the Delivery address instantly to the device. Our Customers have access to track and trace their parcels in-real time. You are also able to manage your accounts through our Customer portal.


Physical address:
4689 Red Show Drive
Zone 4, Gauteng


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